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Congratulations: You’re on your way to becoming your own self-healer. You’ve done a Shift & Assess Session and experienced results from implementing the self-care protocol we created together. Now you want to see more results faster – and you want an empowering accountability partner in creating them over a series of three sessions. In short: You’re ready to fully integrate.

Three 60-minute Refine Sessions – plus a robust video library of tutorials and classes – will help you create the energy and fascial transformation you’re seeking. You know this package is for you because feeling fully integrated is not just a no-brainer – it’s a whole body YES.


Scheduling & Session Policy


After you purchase your package, I will email you within 24 hours to schedule our appointments together and give you access to the video library. Please look for an email from and check your spam folder if you've not received an email from me. All sessions occur virtually via Zoom and are non-refundable.

The Full Integration Package

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