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DeniseFaith teaching a private session online

Unlock Your Own Healing Potential

In-Person & Virtual One-On-One Sessions Customized For You

Feel Better Now with Private Sessions

Session_1 Assess and shift.jpg

Curious where to begin? The Assess & Shift Session is your surefire starting point. Uncover the energetic blocks behind your symptoms and experience profound shifts in your physical, mental, and emotional energy in this 90-minute one-on-one session. I’ll assess the source of your concerns, then help you experience immediate relief using a blend of fascia, energy, and movement techniques and tools. You’ll be able to keep the positive results flowing long after our session with a customized self-care protocol that I’ll teach you how to perform on your own. Plus, you’ll have access to me via email for your questions as they arise. Your core discovery? Your own capacity to heal yourself.


Session_2 Refine.jpg

Your body is constantly changing and adapting – so should your self-care practice. Whether your progress has you ready for more or a new issue arises, you can advance your practice and go deeper with Refine Sessions. You actively drive the focus of these 60-minute sessions: use them to target a specific issue or paint point, refresh your technique, or add more advanced fascial techniques to your holistic toolkit – the choice is yours. Book as many sessions as little or as often as needed. Think of it like an energetic and fascial tune-up!

Session_3 the full integration.jpg

Congratulations: You’re on your way to becoming your own self-healer. You’ve done a Shift & Assess Session and experienced results from implementing the self-care protocol we created together. Now you want to see more results faster – and you want an empowering accountability partner in creating them over a series of three sessions. In short: You’re ready to fully integrate.

Three 60-minute Refine Sessions – plus a robust video library of tutorials and classes – will help you create the energy and fascial transformation you’re seeking. You know this package is for you because feeling fully integrated is not just a no-brainer – it’s a whole body YES.

*Assess & Shift Session is a prerequisite to booking Refine Sessions and The Full Integration Package.

**Limited in-person sessions now available.

Contact me for details and booking at

“Denise is truly the best self-healing teacher and guide I’ve ever come across. With only a brief description of my ongoing discomfort, she immediately tuned in to the exact movements that would support my healing, as well as how I could support my healing mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The guidance not only worked, but it worked fast - and her suspicions of my pain source were later confirmed when I followed up with doctors scans and tests. Truly phenomenal - quick and easy steps to follow too. Thank you, Denise!!!“

Jennifer Jayde 

Soul Alignment Speaker, Best Selling Author

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