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Level-up your practice and boost client results

Elevate Your Client Results with Energy Integration


Energy and fascia.

What if I told you these two systems were the key to elevating your client’s results?


Knowing how to read, sense, and shift energy.


Tapping into the neurofascial system to achieve greater healing.


And most importantly, integrating these two systems into your existing work.


Energy is the unspoken and unaddressed element in most wellness professional’s practices.


We usually focus on the body first because it's tangible, physical, and the thing our clients are coming to us to address – their hip pain, neck stiffness, plantar fasciitis – you know the list.


And, you already have great hands-on tools and practical techniques to address these issues!


Here’s the secret:
Paying attention to energy can change everything.

Not only do we have more information to work with, we can ultimately serve clients at a higher level because we’re dialed into their holistic well being. By attending to the energy (and the fascia too), the great work you do will have an even greater payoff.


Whether you’re a bodyworker, PT, chiropractor, fitness pro, medical professional, or even a business coach, I want to teach you specific energy and fascial techniques that will boost your client’s results.

I also want to help you become the standout practitioner you know you are.

Differentiating yourself doesn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars or certify in multiple modalities.


You’re already a master practitioner!


I’ll help you fully embody your strengths.


And develop an unshakable confidence in your unique approach.


All while building upon the strong foundation you already have.


And adding powerful holistic techniques you can strategically integrate into your sessions.

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My new series for wellness professionals launches soon.


What you’ll learn:

Energy essentials: Gain an understanding of the concept of energy integration and its significance in facilitating greater healing and well-being.

Reading and sensing your client’s energy: How to quickly tune-in to your client’s energy field and receive more information to further inform the root cause and your treatment protocol.

Practical tools to shift your client’s energy, including: Fascial Maneuvers,  CenterPoint Techniques, Intuitive Testing, and Energy Intention.

Seamless modality integration: Discover how to creatively integrate other modalities and their specific outcomes into your practice.

Heightening the client connection: Simple techniques to strengthen your connection with clients and create a more impactful therapeutic relationship.

Developing an unshakable confidence in your unique offerings: There is only one you. Discover the empowerment and clarity that comes from owning your unique approach and staying true to who you are.







Energy Integration for Wellness Pros

Join me in an intimate, VIRTUAL setting with a small group of master-level practitioners  who want to elevate their client results.

  • 2-hour LIVE Virtual Energy Integration Workshop with DeniseFaith

  • 3 60-minute LIVE Virtual Practice & Application Workshops with Denise

  • Video library of classes, techniques, and workshop recordings

  • Group learning environment – practice in pairs and breakout groups

  • Private Q&A Group Chat

What you’ll get:

Who this series is for:

  • Bodyworkers

  • Massage therapists

  • Physical therapists

  • Medical professionals

  • Chiropractors

  • Acupuncturists

  • Fitness professionals

  • Yoga therapists

  • Business and life coaches

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